Election Update; New Blogs

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The election is getting pretty close – have you decided who you’re going to vote for yet? There was a candidate debate last night, and Travis has some live-blogging notes so you can see how it went. Thanks Travis! Which reminds me: Burow and Zook have teamed up for a radio ad – have you heard it yet? Check it out here. I like that Fred incorporated his auctioneering skills into it!

A new Great Falls blog! Er…well, not FROM Great Falls, but from someone who grew up here and misses home. It’s called Things I Miss About Home…Great Falls, Montana. From her About page:

I live a long ways away from Great Falls now, but I miss home very much. I hope to someday come back home for good…unfortunately most of my relatives are out at Mt. Olivet cemetery now…I am trying to post on some of the best of Great Falls back when I was growing up….things that made Great Falls great.

And another Great Falls blog, this one from photographer Ali Brown – go say hi!


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