Sad Dog Story

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This story was told to me third-hand (but by two sources), so I can’t completely vouch for all of the details, and I’m wondering if any of you have heard anything about it:

A man and his three small sons were in their front yard in a lower-northside neighborhood (near 3th Ave N and 9th St, roughly), joined by their Yorkie pup (about a year old?); the Yorkie wasn’t on a leash, apparently (not confirmed).
Walking up the sidewalk was a man and a woman with a pit-bull dog on a leash. The pit-bull charged the Yorkie and got the smaller dog in its jaws. The owner of the Yorkie somehow managed to wrest his small dog from the pit-bull. The man holding the pit-bull’s leash then unleashed the pit-bull, at which point the pit-bull grabbed the Yorkie again, and then ran off down the street, carrying the Yorkie in its mouth. The Yorkie owner chased after the dogs, and apparently several other people (including a postal worker) tried to intercept the pit-bull.
After many blocks of chasing, the pit-bull was finally caught, and the Yorkie was rushed to a veterinarian, but died due to its injuries.

During this incident, several people called 911 to report it. I’m told that authorities later visited the owner of the pit-bull, but he allegedly said that he no longer knows where the dog is.
Let me re-iterate: I don’t know how much of this story is accurate, and will provide additional details or corrections as appropriate. Does anyone have any details to confirm/deny any portion of this?



  1. People like the owner of the pitbull really make me angry!!!! I am the responsible owner of a pitbull, and it is owners/monsters like that that allow pitbulls to continue getting a bad rep. I have raised my dog with love and care, I don’t even play rough with her. My dog would never even hurt a fly, she has even been bullied by a dauschund/chihuahua mix and several cats…LOL She loves people and other animals! That is how I have raised my dog! I would be horrified if she attacked another animal! For those owners to let their dog off the leash shows malice on their part. I wish people would not blame the dog, but the people who raise them. I know plenty of pitbull owners who are like me, responsible pet owners! I hope this doesn’t turn into another story about the viciousness of the breed, but a story about the irresponsibility of the owner!

  2. Ditto, Tina. I’m also the responsible owner of a sweet, kind pit bull. When we’re out on walks, my Booker gets bullied almost every time by the little Jack Russell across the street, and my dog just sits and takes it until the other owner gets his dog in his yard. We can only hope that the above story isn’t true, but sadly it just may be – there are MANY irresponsible dog owners out there. My pit bull has NEVER charged another dog or growled at another dog. These bad owners (of any breed) make me sick. The dogs deserve better! My thoughts are with this family of the Yorkie; heartbreaking.

  3. I would add that on Sunday my dachsund/chihuahua mix attacked a pomaranian in the dog run. $144 dollars later… And I walk pit bulls at a local animal shelter and have not had a problem!
    (knock wood).

  4. I work with these dogs and as far as animal behavior goes, I’m a firm believer in nurture and training. I have met Jack Russell Terriers that I wouldn’t go close to once again, but have by no means had a negative experience with an American Staffordshire Terrier. If you are speaking about their owners- nicely, which is a various story. Human beings are animals as nicely, and we often every have our individual suggestions about “moral concepts”.

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