Movie Makeover in Great Falls?

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The entry about the Carmike movie theatre several weeks ago generated quite a response, with most people agreeing that going to the movies in Great Falls is not a pleasant experience. But things may be changing: got an e-mail from Jim last night about his recent excursion:

I dropped you a line a month or so ago about the local Carmike theater. Well, my son and I went recently to Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D. The theater has changed quite dramatically in the last four or five weeks. Namely, they’re hiring a whole new staff. Also, when I purchased the tickets to the movies…there was one guy who sold the tickets, he then tore the tickets and gave me the stubs… finally he told me to be in the theater at a set time. There was no usher/ticket person standing outside the theater… tearing tickets. My son and I just walked into the theater and sat down. The movie started on time. A much more enjoyable experience than earlier in the year.

So how about it – have any of you noticed any changes (for the better, hopefully) at the Carmike? Let us know.



  1. It has been better, but the bar is already so low I’m not sure better is enough. We need a second theater company (AMC, Cinemark, Act III)in town to create some competition. Even a small procrastinator theater or independent film theater would give enough competition for Carmike to start caring. Any other major city in this state has at least one theater with stadium seats, digital capability, passable customer service, and the ability to start a movie on time on the right screen and with sound.

  2. i frequent the theater about once a year. Debating on going to New Moon in the theater or just going to wait for it on DVD. But it sounds like with no ushers it would be quite easy to just walk into whatever show you want to see….

  3. The situation with the Great Falls theater isn’t exactly an isolated occurrance. Theaters are losing money and can’t afford to hire/train employees or keep up maintenance because fewer people are actually going to theaters nowadays. Why do people choose to ‘wait for the DVD’ or download films?

    Because of all of the morons you have to watch the movie with.

    I can’t stand going to see movies mostly because of all the people around me ruin the experience. Every time I try to see a movie there’s always guys explaining the plot to their brain-dead girlfriends, people Riffing the movie in the back row, and the stupid asses who have to text and/or Twitter in the middle of a film so that all four of their friends can know: “I AM @ TEH MOVIEZ! NEED 2 BUY MILK ON WAY HOME.”

    Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll wait for the DVD or download a video-capture from the internet. Then I can enjoy a movie in the comfort and cost-effectiveness of my own home, rather than spend $20 to ruin clothing, be miserable, and lose even more of my faith in humanity.

    Someone who spent last night reading “A Catcher in the Rye”

  4. The texting keeps me away. I can’t stand to sit there and have phones pop up all over the place as idiots (not just teens, but grown idiots as well) text through the entire movie. It’s incredibly rude and drives me @#$!%! nuts. That’s why I don’t go anymore.

  5. It’s the cost for me. $8.50 a person for a movie? I can get the DVD for $15.99 (most of the time)& watch it several times.

    Changes or improvements won’t change the fact that it is not cheap to go out to a movie. I miss the $1 theater.

  6. It’s the cost for me, as well as everything else! We use Netflix, its $9.95 a month for unlimited movies, and you can keep them as long as you want. Sure you have to wait until it’s on DVD, but it’s well worth the wait. Lots of times when we’ve gone to carmike, the popcorn was horrible, from the very bottom of the pan, our drink was more ice than anything, the workers were rude, the bathrooms were nasty, even the theater hadn’t been cleaned, there was garbage on the floor. And lately, they don’t start the movie on time, the past 2 times we’ve gone, we’ve had to go out and ask them to start our movie because it was 1/2 hour past!!

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