Mid-Week Wrap

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Had fun at Blues & Brews on Friday night! Good turnout, very lively, saw some cool people. One downer: no burgers! So I tried – for the first time – one of the hot dogs from Stinky’s…and was quite disappointed. The casing was so tough it was almost impossible to take a bite! Looks like we’ll stick with the Downtown Dog House for dogs.

On Saturday, we ate lunch at Goodes’ Q & Bayou Grill. I had my usual Q Burger (best damn burger in town, bar none), and K had…seriously…fried alligator! Believe it or not, it was pretty good. It really did taste (mostly) like chicken, but “heavier,” if that makes sense.

Notice the big article in the Trib on Sunday about social media? Very cool to see Mark and The Backyard Baker and Cindy featured. If the article had been written about a year ago, I probably would have been included 🙂 I’ll have some thoughts about the article later, BTW.

Primary election is over – kudos to all who threw their hat in the ring! I’ll admit that it’s pretty cool to see Fred Burow advance and be a contender for City Commission. If he promises to (a) wear his hat to all official functions, and (b) arrange to chair at least one Commission meeting and conduct the meeting using his auctioneering skills, then he’s got my vote!



  1. It’s been good that local media, organizations and businesses are ramping up their efforts to leverage social media, understand it better and how it can benefit us all, from consumer to client to business. I know you will agree.

    I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the article.

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