Osbasso in Great Falls!

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At last month’s Great Falls Blog Meet, special guest star Wulfgar gave a pretty neat overview of the who, what, why, etc of blogging, and in particular Montana bloggers. He asked all of the attendees what the most popular blog in Montana is…and although some of us threw out some good guesses, Wulfgar pointed out that the most popular blog in Montana is arguably Views From The Back Row. It’s a great Helena-based blog run by Osbasso. One of the reasons that it’s so successful is because Obasso introduced a meme called “Half-NakedNekkid Thursdays” several years ago, which has become hugely popular (learn more about HNT here) – and which is not nearly as “naughty” as the title implies.

So on Sunday, as I was walking out of Starbucks (in Great Falls), I noticed a car pulling out of the parking lot with the license plate “OSBASSO.” I called out “Osbasso? From Helena? The blogger?” and sure enough – it was him! I introduced myself, and fortunately he knew about Greater Falls (else he would have thought I was some crazy dude), and we chatted for a few moments, and off he went. Genuinely a nice, happy guy – great to meet you, Osbasso! If I’d had my wits about me, I would have snapped a quick pic of us, but there were a few other cars waiting impatiently for his spot 🙂
It is always SO cool to meet fellow bloggers in real life!

And, of course, seeing him with his custom license plate made me wonder for the millionth time if I should break down and get a GR8RFLZ plate.



  1. Great to briefly meet you, too! I do wish we would have gotten the pic! I don’t make it up to GF as often as I used to (when did the windmills go up between Ulm and GF???), but I’ll definitely give you a heads up the next time!

    Oh, and for journalistic accuracy…it’s “nekkid”, not naked! 😉

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