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Not often that Great Falls lands in the New York Times, but it did this weekend. The topic: unionization. Here’s a snippet:

Keri Gorder, until recently the manager of a hair salon in Great Falls, Mont., said she was surprised last month by a document that her company wanted stylists to sign. Ms. Gorder said the salon’s parent company, the Regis Corporation, urged the four stylists at her salon, Cost Cutters, to sign a document that would seemingly nullify any future support they showed for unionization.

“I thought it was taking our right away before we ever exercised that right,” Ms. Gorder said. She said her area supervisor had pressured the stylists to sign the cards. “The area supervisor said, ‘I would do what the company wants you to do,’ ” Ms. Gorder said, adding that she quit her job this month because of her dismay over the situation.

Soon she informed labor leaders about the document, and now they are threatening to picket the salon and hand out pro-union fliers.

Read the whole thing here.


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