RIP, Zandy’s

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Farewell, Zandy’s. A true Great Falls icon, now gone. After closing down back in January, it fought back – Fred was brought on to revitalize the joint, and together with his awesome crew, put tons of sweat-equity into restoring Zandy’s, culminating in the re-birth of Zandy’s just a few weeks later.

And during Fred’s tenure, Zandy’s thrived briefly – burgers and shakes and breakfast, a cast of colorful regulars, and monthly fund-raisers for local charities.

But it just wasn’t enough. With the opening of so many new eateries in Great Falls in recent months, Zandy’s could no longer compete. And last Monday, it gave one last gasp and shut down.

RIP, Zandy’s. And Fred – thank you for doing so much to give Zandy’s one more chance. Best wishes to you, the Missus, and the whole Zandy’s crew.

Zandy's Is Closed



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