Link Roundup!

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Been too long since we had a good old-fashioned link roundup! Here we go!

Mark is putting together a webinar focusing on Google Apps, and would love to get some feedback and participation. I’ve used Google Apps for a while – not extensively, but a bit – and as with most things Google, it’s awesome. Highly recommended.

Claire is back, this time posting about healthcare reform via cable news pundits and hosts. As always, her writing is sharp. Very sharp.

Electric City Weblog is on fire lately – and even got linked by Instapundit this week to prove it (and 91 comments and counting)!

Best-selling author and globe-trotting GF resident Jamie Ford offers up some of his most memorable moments. Very cool.

Sandra wonders why so many issues were “tabled” at this week’s City Commission meeting.

And in the news: a naturalization ceremony was held in Great Falls on Thursday in which 23 people became American citizens – that is SO cool. Look at the smiles on the faces of the new Americans – ain’t it awesome? And I added some “web extra” stuff at the bottom of the story so that readers can get a better sense of what the process requires. You like?


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