Burned Into My Brain

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If you spend any time listening to the radio (AM, primarily, and two stations in particular), then I’m sure you can recite – or sing – these lines in your sleep, just like me:

I’m Kurt, and I’m Kent: we’re the tool guys from Midway Rental!
…now come home to Ferrin’s Furniture.
ProKleen, your restoration professionals…one call does it all.
However, listening to the rhythm of a leaky faucet can give you nightmares!
…and it’s absolutely time to buy now!
Not while I buy the office supplies.
As you survey your outback, you’re overwhelmed by the large expanse of grass to mow…
…driven to perfection!
Pete’s Auto…home of the half-price car.

Any local ads that are burned into your brain?

And coming up next: Public Service Announcements!



  1. My Favorite: “Honey – Looks like Buster tracked dirt all over the carpet! (wife) That silly dog – I’ll take care of it!”

    . . . You just KNOW that conversation would never happen in real life. The ‘Wife’ would yell at the kids for letting Buster in, in the first place. And poor buster would get a spanking and sent outside, and not let off with only a ‘silly dog’

  2. How could I have forgotten that one, Ron?! I hear it EVERY SINGLE DAY! Yes, I recite the lines right along with the commercial. And maybe it’s just me, but the first line, when the guy says, “Oh Dear…” — doesn’t he sound like he’s trying to do a British accent?

  3. How bout
    “Service Master, where the master serves you… Service Master!”

    And I always myself and my girlfriend singing along to the HB Wireless commercial.

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