Radio Silence?

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Over at Twitter a few days ago, @tomcroskrey asked: What happened to the Rock Hog @ 102.7FM? And today, Bill left a comment on the Blitz/Rock Hog entry wondering if the two stations are still on the air. I tuned in to the stations on the way home from work this evening and just heard static. Anyone know what’s going on?

UPDATE: as Walter noted in the comments, the Trib reported this a few days ago. Both stations – and also the ESPN station – are now off the air.

College Creek Media pulled KZUS and KEAU, The Rock Hog 102.7, and Blitz 101.2, and KUUS, Sports Dog 102.9, off the air…the stations drew loyal listeners quickly, but not advertising revenue.



  1. I seem to recall that the GF Tribune had an article about the 3 FM radio stations that stopped broadcasting in their weekend Business Section.

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