“Rural” Black Eagle?

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Regarding the news about the decision to keep the Black Eagle post office open: the Black Eagle folks want to keep their post office, and our elected officials went to bat for them. Nothing too surprising about that. But here’s the funny part of the whole issue – check out part of this press release from Senator Tester:

Senator Jon Tester today announced that he got the U.S. Postal Service to keep open the post office in Black Eagle, Montana. (It) was on a list of post offices recommended for closure in an effort to save money.
But Tester stepped in, immediately contacting USPS Headquarters to urge the Postal Service to keep the Black Eagle facility open. Tester made sure the agency understood the important role of post offices in rural and frontier communities, and the impact of any closure. After several high-level phone calls, USPS Legislative Liaison Linda Macasa told Tester today that the facility will no longer be considered for closure.
“This is a common-sense decision that will go a long way for folks in Black Eagle,” Tester said. “I’ll always fight for them—and for all of rural America—in the U.S. Senate.”

Now, did any word in particular jump out at you? The word is RURAL. It was used twice in the presser. And not just RURAL – didja notice FRONTIER in there, too? Now if Tester wants to keep a post office open, great — but to suggest that Black Eagle is RURAL is just silly. The word RURAL to most people around here would bring to mind communities such as…oh, maybe Big Sandy. Or Geraldine, or Raynesford, or Monarch. But Black Eagle – rural? Nope. Not when it’s part of the Great Falls community, population 60,000, third largest community in Montana.



  1. It’s my understanding that Black Eagle is a postal station, a branch of the Great Falls Post Office, and not a Post Office, itself.

  2. In fairness, we all also know Black Eagle is in Montana, but the press release pointed that out, too –because the release was for the consumption of more than Montanans. In the eyes of national readers, I would say the third largest community in Montana is still pretty rural.

    Were you around when Ted Kaczynski was arrested? National news story after national news story referred to the locals getting provisions at the trading post. Urban readers eat that stuff up.

  3. USPS service for many farm residents in the area comes through Black Eagle. The office is not located in a rural setting, but many of its patrons are.

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