Free BBQ!

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This is cool: on Saturday, August 15, from noon until 2:30 pm at Gibson Park, you can enjoy some free BBQ and learn more about how you can help Great Falls. From a press release (forwarded to me by GeeGuy):

Join the American Red Cross of Montana for a FREE BBQ and learn more about how you can make a positive impact in your community through the Great Falls Disaster Action Team! Come out to Gibson Park and support the American Red Cross in your community! BBQ products provided by Big Mouth BBQ and the American Red Cross of Montana. Listen to community members tell their stories about help and assistance they’ve received from the Red Cross in a time of distress. Meet members of the Disaster Action Team, the primary Red Cross responders for the Great Falls area, and learn how they respond to disaster incidents

Sounds like a win-win! And if you don’t know where Gibson Park is – it’s the one near downtown by the duck/goose pond!


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  1. I read your blog all the way from North Carolina. I was on the DAT team here
    in Winston Salem, NC and it is so rewarding. The American Red Cross needs volunteers.
    We helped fire victims(100+last month-2 major apt fires) and disaster victims
    {we have had two major tornados hit in the past few years) in the county I am located.

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