Big Update!

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First: dining updates! No, I haven’t been to Sonic yet – cruised by several times, but with the “staging area” and 30+ minute wait times, I can wait until things settle down. That hasn’t stopped other people, though – rumor has it that a “Sonic Anonymous” group might be forming soon for the newly-addicted (and re-addicted)!
And good news: Starbucks is going to begin serving breakfast sandwiches today (Tuesday)! I sampled one the other day – basically an egg McMuffin, it was good – but since I stop at Starbucks every day for my venti iced Americano with eight shots, I can grab a bite of breakfast without having to hit McD – cool.

Second, speaking of dining: the Zandy’s lunch and dinner menus are now posted on the I Love Zandy’s site! If you haven’t stopped by Zandy’s lately and said hi to Fred and his crew – it’s about time – get on down there!

Third, congratulations to Walter Breuning!

Fourth, if you like to play the ponies, I’ve got some cool news: I scored about 20 free tickets to the Montana State Fair, courtesy of the good folks at Montana Downs! If you would like a pair (good for free Fair admission on the day of the races, July 24, 25, 26), leave me a comment telling me what you like about horse racing (or e-mail me at david @!



  1. I’ve been saying for years that a Sonic in Great Falls would make a killing. It’s good having a little taste from home. Pretty excited about On the Border too. Looks like I’ll have lots of new places to choose from when I get home!

  2. I have been to sonic 3 times now! If you go between 8 & 9 they do not have the staging area and I made it through in less than 10 mins!
    I’ll get to Zandy’s son I’m sure.
    Yah! Walter!!!
    I hope others get to the Montana Downs- I can’t because I have to watch my grandcub while my daughter works there! (Her favorite job)

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