Two New Blogs + Blog Meet

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A couple of new blogs to mention (and be sure to check out more Great Falls blogs)!

Great Falls Electric City is a semi-newish site from Seth Metoyer, who some of you may know from following him on Twitter (@sethmetoyer).

WedgeBlog is the brainchild of Claire Baiz (@MT_Writer), who I was fortunate to meet at last week’s Tweetup. In addition to being the proprietor of Big Sky Gold, she also penned a very sweet note about KRTVs 50th anniversary a few months ago, and was first mentioned here at Greater Falls back in 2005!

And don’t forget: the Great Falls Blog Meet slash Blog Fest slash Blogger Bash is coming up on Saturday!

And speaking of Twitter, check out this Twitter Badge, courtesy of TwitStamp!


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