Great Falls Tweetup!

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Great Falls Tweetup! Hooray! The first-ever Great Falls Tweetup was held on Saturday night – it was fun! About 20 or 22 people showed up, which on a per-capita basis is pretty damn good, I think.

Among the blog folks attending: fellow bloggers GeeGuy and ZenPanda, organizer Mark Mathson (thx man!), AJ Tooley, Epicurious, and newly-minted blogger (and kick-a** writer) Claire from Wedgeblog. Also on hand were folks I know from other avenues, including Great Falls good-guy Tim Austin and Jeff Mangan from MT Business.

But this wasn’t about blogging, per se – this was, after all, a Tweetup! So everyone there was a Twitterer (don’t say Twit!) and uses it to share information, links, events, and tidbits. It was really great to meet fellow Twitterers IRL (in real life, aka F2F)! Oh – and if you don’t know what Twitter is, it’s sorta kinda like a mini-blog – it’s usually referred to as a “micro-blogging” service, because every entry a person makes is limited to 140 characters. Brevity, it turns out, can speak volumes.

IMG00939.jpg We met at the Downtown Dog House, and the folks there were awesome. Unfortunately, business has been SO good at the Dog House that by the time we arrived at about 6ish, they were completely out of fries, onion rings, and the tasty ice-cream cupcakes! Turns out that they had a huge rush of folks earlier in the day courtesy of the Farmer’s Market. But to make it up to us, owner Dave treated the Tweetup crowd to complimentary dogs, chips, and drinks – awesome! And I was pleasantly surprised to see my review of the Dog House printed out, laminated, and tacked up on the napkin dispenser 🙂

It was really cool getting to meet fellow Twitterers in real life – what a great bunch of people! Sharing tips and insights about Twitter and social media in general – there were quite a few screens on display, including (duh) cell phones, cameras, Claire’s super-cool netbook, and a couple of laptops. There’s a reason that this stuff is called “social” media. Be sure to check out ZenPanda’s photos of the event!

All in all, a wonderful time: cool people, great eats, fun atmosphere – and plans are already being made for the next Great Falls Tweetup. Maybe a catchy title: Tweetup II: The Revenge! Or maybe we should call it a Tweet & Meet!

Thanks to all who showed up – you guys are awesome!



  1. Great job!! I think 20-22 people for a first time TweetUp sounds good for any city.

    Now I wonder how many Tweeps I’ll be able to wrangle into a TweetUp in Billings.


  2. Sorry I couldn’t make it Saturday! As far as the Doghouse goes, when you give a new business with great food good press, they tend to run out of things.

    Dave, I know you don’t like “stuff” on your burgers and dogs, but I think the “Dallas Dog” was awesome!

    I expect a full report on the Tweetup at work today.

  3. David, you summarized it well in this post. It was a blast and looking forward to the next time we can all get together. As I mentioned around the table, if anyone has any suggestions/ideas to improve on it next time lets discuss it!

    Take care,

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