Ziggy Checks In

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Hi Everyone! Did you miss me? I’ve learned a lot of neat stuff since I last checked in with you. First, my mommy and daddy call me “Ziggy” now – they said it has something to do with a “Bowie,” whatever that is. And I have a fancy necklace that has my name on it, too! Mom and dad hook it up to long rope (they call it a leesh, I think) and walk around with me – that’s fun!

And I have some new friends! They are dogs, like me, but their mommy said that they are “puggles.” Their names are Logan and Lexi, and Lexi doesn’t like to play with me, but me and Logan have LOTS of fun chasing each other and playing! Logan is bigger than me, but I’m not scared of her!

And I taught my dad how to play a game that I call “Ready Go!” He throws one of my toys (my favorite is the blue squeaky turtle!) and yells “Ready…GO!” and then I run and attack it and bring it back to dad so that we can do it again. It’s fun!

Oh, and something weird happened: mom and dad picked me up and put me in water and rubbed some weird-smelling stuff all over me! They even took a picture of it – that’s so mean! But believe me, I’m WAY cuter than that, but that water stuff just made me look like a doofus. That’s OK, though, because when they finished I got to run around and rub and slide all over the couch and the carpet until the water was all gone.

And I met Doctor Mike and his friends – that was pretty fun, and I got some tasty treats, but they did some weird things to me. Doctor Mike kept poking me and then something stuck a pin in me – it didn’t hurt, and they said it was “for my own good,” but that was just odd. How would they like it if I stuck a pin in them?!

OK, that’s all for now – I’m going to eat some grass and be cute now!

Poor Puppy!


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