Vote for Great Falls Farmer’s Market!

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I know many of you are big fans of the GF Farmer’s Market – it’s truly awesome – and now there’s a way you can help our own Farmer’s Market win some cash. I got an e-mail from Barbara Murfield, one of the driving forces behind our Market:

Hi, I just voted to help my favorite farmers market win $5,000 in the “Love Your Farmers Market” online contest, sponsored by and Every vote helps promote local food, family farms and sustainable agriculture. Please help the Great Falls Original Farmer’s Market win by voting today. Help us win the $5,000 so we can make our Farmer’s Market even more awesome. Thanks for your help!

You can vote for Great Falls Farmer’s Market by clicking this link; you have to provide your name and an e-mail address, and tell them what makes ours so special. Even though I’m not thrilled with the sponsors of the contest, it would be very cool to have the Great Falls team win!

Here’s some pix from one of my trips to the Farmer’s Market:

Arts-n-Crafts! Music! Pony Rides! Porkies On A Stick!


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