Tiki Checks In

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Hi! Just wanted to let you folks know that my mom & dad are taking me to meet someone today – his name is Doctor Mike, and they said that he’s a “puppy-atrician” and takes care of small fuzzy dogs – like me! He works at some place called Best Friends where I will get to see some other dogs and maybe even something called “cats.” I know what dogs are – I lived with my brothers and sisters for a while before mom and dad adopted me last week – but I’m not sure what a “cats” are. Are they sort of like food?

Mom and dad said that Doctor Mike is going to “check me out” to make sure that I’m doing OK. I guess people do that when they get a new puppy. I’ve got news for this “Doctor Mike” — I’m better than OK — I’m SUPER PUPPY! Did you know that I can fly?

Oh, and I think my mom and dad like the name Tiki – they keep saying it over and over to me, so I guess that’s what they want my name to be. I’m cool with that. I’m just glad that they didn’t pick a doofus name for me, like Max or Rover!

Oh, before I go, here’s a picture of me with one of my favorite friends – it’s a blue monkey that squeaks!


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