Little Nugget

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David & Krista are proud to introduce the newest member of the family, who for now is known simply as Little Nugget:

Took him to PetCo today and we were impressed with his uncanny ability to draw attention…heh.

Here’s a little Q&A:

Q: What is he?
A: Half poodle, half chihuahua. In other words, a poo-wa-wa. Or chi-poo.

Q: How old is he?
A: Seven weeks old today.

Q: Where did you get him?
A: PetCetera on 10th Avenue South. He has three siblings that (as of yesterday) are still looking for loving homes.

Q: Where is he from?
A: He was born in Lewistown, Montana. That is why one of the names under consideration is Fergus (as in Fergus County).

Q: What other names are you considering?
A: Kozmo, Komet, Turbo, Killian, Nugget, Mojo.



  1. hey david and krista
    tiki fergus etc is adorable and i’m sure going to be fun. lucky puppy to be getting such a good home.

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