Wednesday Updates

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Woohoo! Got my first-ever jury summons as a Montana resident! Hmmmm…wonder if I’ll get an interesting case

An update from Electric City Weblog about the July meet-up. Should be fun – be sure to leave a comment and let Gregg know that you are coming!

If you dig gardening (get it?), then be sure to visit Amy over at Living In Season. Today’s topic: gophers! You can make your own Groundskeeper Carl joke at this point (“the only good varmint…”).

GF Girl – aka Sandra! – has some updates about local government, including the news that Ed McKnight has thrown his hat into the ring for City Commission.

The BridgeMaxx entry continues to generate comments – mostly negative. That’s sad – it really seems like a neat service, with literal plug-n-play (and portable) simplicity, but it sounds like it’s just not quite ready for prime-time yet.


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  1. Yes, bridgemaxxx sucks, horribly. We went back to bresnan internet. I was wondering, does anyone know when Sonic is supposed to open up? And, if you could do an entry about all the hard working, great spirited people working round the clock to get golden corral up and running again!!!

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