Twittering the June Snow

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Granted, we don’t have seven inches of the fluffy white stuff, but there was a thin layer of snow in and around Great Falls this morning. Been half-raining, half-snowing all day, and there’s a decent chance we will see more snow tonight when the temps drop to possibly below freezing. Possibly.

Here’s what some Great Falls-based folks are saying about it on Twitter:

From love4katierose: Come on Great Falls Montana, give us back the sunshine :o/

From duryeedeb: Another pleasant Saturday in June in GF, MT. Oh, yeah, it’s snowing…

From AustinDesigns: Today is June 6th, 2009, temperature is 37 degrees, and it is snowing outside. Global warming in Great Falls, MT…I don’t think so!

From SethMetoyer: I can’t believe there is a snow advisory overnight and through the morning. It’s June! Someone needs to let global warming know.

From mnkypak: second summer in a row we’ve started with snow…

From JamieActual: At the Farmers Market. It’s snowing. Oh, Montana…

From me: Oh, how I love snow in June! I’d rather have snow & cold than 90 and sunny ANY day!


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