New Slogan!

Joking around a bit at work tonight, and we mentioned the “Great Falls sucks” attitude that too many people have…and we struck upon a possible new slogan for GreaterFalls. What do you think of this? I LOVE GREAT FALLS SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO!

Hot Dog Heaven

As noted on KRTV a few days ago, there’s a “Weiner War” going on in Great Falls, with THREE competing hot dog eateries vying for your attention (two restaurants, one cart vendor). So on Saturday, we ventured forth to sample the wares at the new Downtown Dog House, located on 5th Street just a few doors down from Central Avenue. The verdict: woohoo! What a fun place! The dogs were tasty, and available with all…

Great Falls Photo Club?

ZenPanda has tossed out the idea of a Great Falls photo-club and wants to know if any fellow bloggers or online folks are interested: So I’m thinking we can get a good group of GF Flickrites/photogs/cameranuts to get together one evening, walk around downtown, shoot a few frames & grab a drink (not necessarily adult beverages) with conversation after. Drop by her place and let her know if you’re in. Sounds cool.


Not only are Canadians welcome, but so are Candaians!

Vote for Great Falls Farmer’s Market!

I know many of you are big fans of the GF Farmer’s Market – it’s truly awesome – and now there’s a way you can help our own Farmer’s Market win some cash. I got an e-mail from Barbara Murfield, one of the driving forces behind our Market: Hi, I just voted to help my favorite farmers market win $5,000 in the “Love Your Farmers Market” online contest, sponsored by and Every vote…

Tiki Checks In

Hi! Just wanted to let you folks know that my mom & dad are taking me to meet someone today – his name is Doctor Mike, and they said that he’s a “puppy-atrician” and takes care of small fuzzy dogs – like me! He works at some place called Best Friends where I will get to see some other dogs and maybe even something called “cats.” I know what dogs are – I lived with…

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