Snowy Recap

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Wow! We got a little over TWO FEET of snow here in Great Falls – amazing! Sure was beautiful – and I know that some of you (many?) cursed me as the flakes fell, since you all know how much I love it. But come on – we’re headed into spring and then the hot summer, so let’s enjoy the fluffy, cool scenery while we can!

I did have one bad thing happen, though: I did a 180 on Central Avenue yesterday morning! It was *scary* – yikes. And if you know me, you know that I am probably the safest driver around – I always follow the speed limit, always yield, etc. But as I was driving down Central (eastbound) around 8:15 yesterday morning – right about in front of Zandy’s, in fact – driving VERY carefully, doing about 20 mph, and my car just sort of started to slide a little bit…and then a bit more…and the next thing I knew, I spent about 3 milliseconds thinking, “Oh boy…this is embarrassing…please don’t let me hit any other cars…” And then I came to a dead stop, facing west on Central Avenue, with about four or five cars stopped behind/in front me me. WHEW! No damage – except my nerves. Only the second time I have skidded around like that.

And the snow has kept me busy at work (which sort of explains the lack of posting this week): there’s a way cool photo gallery over at – we solicited pictures from folks dealing with the snow, and we were pleasantly surprised at the response: about 150 pictures from people all over the region, including Browning, Choteau, Fairfield, Power, Pendroy, Babb, East Glacier, and even over in Geraldine! And some of the pix are amazing, especially up in Browning. And look for the green “Buddha” snowman – not sure how they dyed it, maybe food coloring?

And we got our first video submission, too – Destini sent a video of a truck stuck in the snow, with the driver trying to shovel out and then being towed, all while the snow kept falling.


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  1. Once my sister and I were driving home from a coffee joint, I was eating a granola bar while she was driving, she went into a spin and I just sat there thinking, oh yeah, spinning again lol! Winter weather in MT…gotta love it!

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