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– Yes, I really do enjoy my coffee strong – 8 shots in a “venti” Americano. I suppose after 25+ years of coffee, I’ve built up quite a tolerance. Hard to believe that I started back in the early 80s on (ack!) instant Folger’s. Anybody still drink that stuff?

– Check out the updated I Love Zandy’s site! New theme, easier to read, and a few updates going on.

– Anybody want to adopt what sounds like a great dog? Got an e-mail from someone who needs to find a good home for a pup. E-mail me or leave a comment if you’re interested:

I have a beautiful red heeler female 1 1/2 years old and desperately need to find a really great home for her. While I am desperate, I do need to make sure she goes to a place fit for her needs and where she will be loved, appreciated and well taken care of. Could you advise me if you website could assist me on this matter. She is a purebreed and beautiful working dog. She needs room to run and enjoy her life. Keeping her on a chain outside or closely pinned up is not an option for her. Thank you.

– The Tribune’s “Guide To Great Falls” – which I picked up at Albertson’s earlier today – is a really neat publication – a great intro for newcomers, obviously, but pretty useful for folks that have been here for a while. I learned where the various neighborhoods are, for instance; I didn’t realize that Prospect Heights was the neighborhood behind Flag Hill, or the difference between Lower North Side and North Side.


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