Tax Day Tea Party in Great Falls

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I’m sure some of you have been following the “Tea Party” movement as it gathers steam across the country, and I just learned that there is an official Tea Party planned for Great Falls! It will be held on Tuesday, April 15, from 4:30 to 6:00 pm on the steps of the Civic Center. The POC listed is Cyndi Baker (e-mail for phone # if you want more info). The Tax Day Tea Party website lists several other April 15 Montana-based Tea Parties. How many of you plan to attend?



  1. As much as I am loathe to do this, resources can be found here:

    Within this forum, someone just needs to step up and organize the event. Contact press, ensure that it’s legal to assemble where you planned (Civic Center @ 1630 hrs on 15 April), and assign responsibilities. Do you have a couple of people who can talk to the press when they arrive? Is someone assigned to greet participants and hand out signs? Who mans the sign-in sheet, and what kind of follow-up will you have?

    Just some thoughts from a field organizer, that’s all.

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