Go West, Young Man

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Some good news and bad news to report: the good news is that my blogging, coupled with my on-air segments on KRTV, have caught the attention of some major online players. The folks over at Facebook e-mailed me a few weeks ago, and they really like the way that I have integrated the online and on-air aspects of reporting.

That was followed by a round of phone calls, and a “covert” trip to the Bay Area last weekend to meet with some of the team…and as a result, they have offered me a job as “online media integrator” for several projects that they are working on! (By the way, did you read last week that Facebook just clicked over 200 million users? 🙂 Sweet.)

Now the bad news: the job is located in Mountain View, California – the heart of Silicon Valley. I lived there for three years back in the mid-90s, when I was in the Air Force, and it’s a lovely place, but awfully crowded. If you think traffic on 10th Avenue South is bad at 5:00 pm, trust me, it’s a piece of cake compared to Bay Area traffic. On the plus side, I can enjoy Noah’s Bagels again!

But the job is just too good to pass up – seriously. Being part of the media revolution is just too tempting. And the salary – well, pockets are deep in Silicon Valley, even in the middle of a recession.

So I’m packing up and going west! They want me in Mountain View by the end of the month, so I’ll be spending the next few weeks getting things settled here and preparing for the big move.

And what about GreaterFalls.com? Well, I don’t want it to fade away, but to be honest, I can’t maintain it if I don’t live here – it needs to be maintained by someone who lives here and loves Great Falls. So I’m putting GreaterFalls.com up for sale: $10,000, firm. That includes everything, including some hands-on training before I leave to make sure that whoever buys it can handle all of the “under the hood” details.

So there it is: the traditional “good news/bad news” thing. I’m pretty excited, but a little sad to be leaving the only place that I’ve ever really called HOME. It’s been awesome here in Great Falls – you guys are the best – thanks, everyone!

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  1. Congratulations Dave! This sounds like a great opportunity for you. Great Falls loss is Silicon Valley and Facebook’s gain. Best of luck to you.

  2. Dave,
    The message was long enough that I had to scroll up to finish reading it so it wasn’t until I got to the last couple of lines that I read the “April Fool.” I must admit that you got me! Thanks for the fun!

  3. David now that you’re “staying”, do you think it may be time to remove the Irish Shamrock and use a more seasonal symbol, say, like a Seder (SAY-d’r) Plate, huh?

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