Beer in Great Falls

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Got an e-mail from a reader who asks about beer:

Been reading you for a few months now. Anyone who tries to help Great Falls traditions like Zandy’s is a friend of mine. How about something on Big Sky Homebrew and craft beers available in Great Falls. I have really gotten into homebrewing and handcrafted beer. Jon and Big Sky has been a big help. Finding good handcrafted beer in Great Falls has been a struggle. Gene at Vintage Sellers has a good selection. Would also love to see some better selection in restaurants and pubs. Great Falls has way too may cheap beer joints and could really use a BrewPub where people can learn to admire hand crafted beer instead of chugging down as much swill as possible. Anyways, sorry about my beer rant and listening to my ideas.

I’m no good with this subject – don’t drink – but I’m sure some of you have some ideas or suggestions regarding beer, microbrews, and such.



  1. There’s going to be that microbrewery/restaurant this
    Spring in the old J-T. I can’t remember the name of the place though.

  2. I have been hoping to see some work on the old J-T that would confirm it is becoming a Bosco\’s, but nothing has happened. Anyone have any info. I would be a regular at any brewpub in GF.

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