“Twilight” @ Hastings

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Stopped by Hastings on Friday night to pick up a book, and stumbled into the release party for the DVD of the movie “Twilight.” Lots of fans – not just teens, but plenty of parents, too. Trivia contests, costumes, “set” pictures, etc. (See also the “Breaking Dawn” release party from back in August.)
"Twilight" DVD release
And wouldja believe that Hastings now has a vinyl section? You know – albums, records, 33 rpm. Making a comeback, for some reason.



  1. Audiophiles feel vinyl has a truer,richer sound, versus CD’s digital sounds. I think they may be right (nostalgia for pops and clicks and Scrat.scrat.scrat.scratches aside). I recall when digital recordings first were getting going that there had a heck of a time because EVERYTHING got recorded…right down to the third kazoo player tapping his toe in time with the music.

    I have not do a comparison myself, and actually have only used my turntable probably twice in the last 18 and a half years. I do plan to digitized a whole bunch of old records, including some old 78rpm’s I inheirited.

    http://westernswing78.blogspot.com/ is a great site for old western swing form the 78rpm days.

    Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

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