Rush on Great Falls Radio!

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So Bill O’Reilly signed off of his radio program a few days ago, and Fred Thompson took over some of his stations, incluing KQDI (1450 am) here in Great Falls. Heard a bit of Thompson last week, but Fred’s not exactly a compelling radio presence. His slow drawl can be entertaining, but on the radio, it was somewhat disconcerting.
So imagine my surprise this morning driving to work when I turned on 1450 and heard…Rush! Yep – Rush Limbaugh, on Great Falls radio!
And when he went to break, an ad proclaimed that his program will be airing here every weekday from 10am – 1pm — way cool. I heard that Rush used to be on the air here in Great Falls, but his program was dropped (I think) shortly before I arrived in 2002. I’m glad he’s back on our airwaves.



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