Made In Montana Marketplace

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Got an e-mail from the folks organizing the Made In Montana Marketplace event later this month:

Do you think any bloggers might be interested in blogging from the 2009 Made in Montana Marketplace? We’re trying to determine how much demand might exist for some sort of Internet access during the Marketplace.

If you plan to attend MiMM and would like to have internet access, leave a comment here. Come to think of it, if you have ANY suggestions for the MiMM team, this is a good place to suggest them.
Me, I don’t see a downside to providing internet access in any environment – particularly one where products are being sold and thousands of people are strolling around.



  1. Although I won’t be able to participate, I am surprised there appears to be a lack of interest in this live blogging. Great opportunity for those who want to participate to help out and get some great exposure!

  2. Change of plans, I could be available. David can you send me an email with the details?

    Are you planning on checking it out?

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