Dad Chimes In: Johnny Kerr

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No puns from my father today; instead, he remembers Johnny Kerr,the NBA legend who was our next-door neighbor way back in the late 60s, when my dad was one of the original limited partners in the then-fledgling Phoenix Suns.

Johnny (Red) Kerr died about 3 days ago. Really made me feel bad. He was a great guy, super player in his time, wonderful family man and a good friend. I called his home this morning and spoke with Matt (oldest son), and Essie, his daughter. Had a good time reminiscing about our days on 6th Way, in Phoenix, when he was our Suns Head Coach –and our next door neighbor–and how the “tough guy” who could really take pain almost passed out when I gave him a tetanus shot. The kids still remembered me from way back in Phoenix, in the late 60’s–and they were pretty young then. Essie later pointed out that when my name would come up John would kid them about my hook shot and why he should have benched Connie Hawkins and put me in for a game winning hook shot. Funny, huh. It was nice to hear them talking about good memories and about how many people from all over the country were calling.

I was too young to really have any memories of Johnny Kerr, but I do remember dad talking fondly about the early days of the Suns franchise, the Kerr family, Connie Hawkins, “Hot Rod” Hundley, and a few other names. Best wishes and condolences to the Kerr family.


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