Catching Up!

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1. Here’s the KRTV story about the “Write Stuff” auditions – and it looks like Glenn Toby stayed very busy during his trip to Great Falls: promoting his literacy foundation, getting the key to the city from Mayor Dona (how can I get one?!), judging the Write Stuff auditions, visiting Malmstrom – whew! Glenn, hope you enjoyed our community – come on back soon!

2. The rooster picture in this entry was taken at The Lobby Cafe. Good breakfast, friendly staff, and with a big rooster picture hanging on the wall, you just can’t go wrong!

3. RANDOM SHOUT-OUT: to Baxter and Chloe (and their companions)!

4. I know Greater Falls readers tend to be a bit more web-savvy than most folks, so when I tell you to “follow Fred,” you probably know that I mean you can follow Fred Pfeiffer on Twitter! Fred e-mailed me last week and asked “what is Twitter?” I told him, and next thing you know, he’s tweeting away! Turns out that Fred is a natural-born Twitterer: brief, conversational, and timely…especially with the return of WINTER this week – woohoo! How many of you – when the snow started falling – silently cursed me and my love of the fluffy white stuff?

5. AND…some big stuff getting ready to happen down at Zandy’s — a grand re-opening ribbon-cutting ceremony from the Chamber of Commerce is happening on Friday at 9:30, and Fred (VanMaanen, not Pfeiffer!) plans to have some nifty prizes (t-shirts and hats!) to give away (thanks, I believe, to a certain great gal over at SignPro!). If you can make it, meet me there for breakfast – Friday @ 9:30! Drop a comment here to let me know if you can make it. AND on Saturday, Zandy’s is hosting a “community” day for everyone – with all proceeds from Saturday sales going to the Gateway Recovery center. More details later tonight (or tomorrow a.m.)!


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