Zandy’s Is Back!

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After the depressing news that Zandy’s had shut down just a few weeks ago, it was great to find out that it was back in business a few days ago! And better still: it’s back under the management of my buddy Fred, the man who used to run the Park-n-Ponder. I stopped by today to visit and it was very cool.
My gal and I had often remarked that the only thing Zandy’s needed was a good scrubbing and a fresh coat of paint – and Fred and his crew spent 16+ hour days for the last couple of weeks doing just that. The place *feels* fresh and new. Here’s some pix (click to see bigger):
Zandy's is back in business in Great Falls!
And wonder of wonders – Fred brought along the recipe for his world-famous Lobster Bisque soup! He even whipped up a special batch for me. Well, actually for my fiancee 🙂
And how’s business been since the re-opening? How about over 700 burgers in just two hours yesterday? Yowsah. And another bonus: breakfast! I’m always game for breakfast, so this is great news.
New hours of operations: 7 am to 7 pm, Monday through Saturday. Breakfast until 11 am, then it’s on to burgers & fries.
So if you’re looking for a burger, head on over to Zandy’s — say hi to Fred, Ben, Heather, Kristy and the crew, and tell ’em Greater Falls sent you!



  1. WOOHOO!! We ate there today and it was just fabulous. The onion rings were just perfect, and the burgers were delicious. Ben is really happy to be there, and it was, on the whole, an extremely satisfying experience. GO ZANDY’S – it’s great to have you back!!

  2. That is very good news! We’re hoping to get home to Great Falls again this summer and I’ll be sure to bring the family. It’s nice when some things turn out well. 😎

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