BridgeMaxx Update

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Well, at least I tried it. Plugged in the magical box, watched the lights dance around for a few minutes, and then waited for the Signal Strength bar to kick in. Waited. Waited. But nothing. Moved to a different outlet, closer to a window. Still nothing.
So I guess BridgeMaxx isn’t quite ready for prime time – at least in my neighborhood. The “location, location, location” premise seems to be true; if you live near one of their towers, it might be a great way to connect, but without proximity – not so much. So I took the box back to the BridgeMaxx office, and they were super-nice and thanked me for trying their service.
So I’m still with Bresnan for internet connectivity – and after more than six years, I’ve still got no complaints with their service.


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  1. I will have to say that I love Bridgemaxx over Bresnan ant day. It is just as fast as bresnan however if you like customer service and friendly people then BridgeMaxx is the way to go.

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