Internet via BridgeMaxx

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I wandered by the BridgeMaxx table at the mall last week and took a look. I’d seen the van around town, and knew that they had moved in to the old Verizon location near Target, but wasn’t sure exactly what it was. Now I know: it’s high-speed internet service, but with a neat twist. It’s a box – about the size of a hardback book – that plugs into your computer on one side, and into an electrical outlet on the other. Voila, you’re surfing!
At least, that’s the promise. And the price is reasonable: only $30 per month, but with a one-year contract the first three months are only $15 each. And you can unplug the box and take it with you: to the coffee shop, to your friends’ house, to your office – as long as there’s an outlet to plug into, you should be good to surf.
So what’s the catch? It’s like real estate, apparently: location, location, location. According to the BridgeMaxx crew, you have to be near one of their towers; there are three in Great Falls right now, with a fourth being installed next week. Proximity makes all the difference. So sometime this weekend, I’m going to fire up my BridgeMaxx connection and see how it works. I’ll keep you posted. And if any of you have experience – good or bad – with BridgeMaxx, drop a comment here and let everyone know.



  1. I had them several years ago when they came to my area. in eastern Indiana. the customer service was lousy. It would go down often, would have to reset just about as much. Called customer service, that was a joke. Was not running windows, still dont but to have bridgmax I had to install windows.
    I live close enough to a tower to see it clearly and could not get a decent signal. I was told by support that they were upgrading the towers, that due to limited capacity, I would have to deal with outage and getting booted off, and it would be 6 months before they would have it fixed. A month later, a service tech said he had upgraded the towers 3 months prior to that.
    After all of that…. they wanted to charge me for disconnect. I told them sue me. I never heard another thing.

  2. Bridge Maxx is TERRIBLE. From missoula here, I am very close to a tower and yet I still have always gotten under 2 down (usually 1.5). It wouldn’t be so bad if it was reliable with this but I find it disconnecting so often it’s not worth it (I have 6-7 bar connection also). We’ve even had to swap out modems before although it never fixed anything. I once had a period of 2 weeks where the connection was 1-2 bars max constantly because they decided to do something with the towers for a few weeks. Going with optimum here as soon as I can, screw Bridge Maxx. Worst ISP ever

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