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Two new blogs in Great Falls! First up is Nicole at Shine On, You Crazy Diamond, who offers thoughts on shoes, college and pizza lunchables. And there’s also Dave The Sound Guy, who actually will be blogging from Over There as he is being deployed for a while. Welcome, Nicole & Dave!

And if you haven’t checked in lately, the Manly Man is back, and he’s funnier than ever (in a very manly manner, of course). For instance, when talking about his wife’s pregnancy:

I’ve tried to convince her that I can deliver this baby, but she would rather have a doctor do it for some reason. I’m almost 74% positive that I can handle it, but she remains as stubborn as only a southern girl can get. Clean towels, hot water, yell PUSH!!! PUSH!!! PUSH!!!, cut the cord, slap the new mother’s butt, and boom, happy new baby, right? It’s simple.

And if you’re longing for some pictures of a far-away land, go visit Barrow Road; he’s currently on assignment in Italy!


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