Winter Returns!

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Whoa – winds began gusting about fifteen minutes ago (8:30 am). Looks like the winter weather advisory was right on target:

An Arctic cold front continues to push southward through the region. Temperatures are currently in the teens in the Cut Bank and Havre areas…with wind chill values near 5 below zero. The cold front will be in the Great Falls area by 9 am…and in the Lewistown and Helena areas between 11 am and noon. Temperatures will fall about 20 degrees in less than hour after frontal passage. Additionally…expect sustained north winds of 25 to 35 mph…with gusts around 50 mph.

How many of you were really starting to enjoy the mid-50s temps? It was strange, driving around town yesterday and realizing that it was nearly 90 degrees warmer than it was just a few weeks ago.
I’ll admit, it was sort of nice to have the snow and ice melt away over the last week…but come on, it’s January! Let’s save the mild temps for the spring and enjoy wintry cold and snow while we can! And here’s what we can look forward to in the next few days:

Cold, snow return to Great Falls!


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