Shooting in Glasgow

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Apparently there has been a shooting in Glasgow up on the Hi-Line; reports indicate three people were shot, but no confirmation on their status. MORE: the Topix forum has some chatter about the incident; no idea about the accuracy of the information, but might provide some insight.

And someone called me a few minutes ago here in Great Falls and said that she heard that there was a shooting at TARGET here in town, and that 12 people were shot…as luck would have it, I was standing in the parking lot of Albertson’s in the Target shopping center, and can tell you that everything is fine at Target – no shooting. I think this may be an example of the “telephone” game in effect – someone heard about the Glasgow incident, told someone else, who relayed it to another person, and before you know it, people think that it happened here.

UPDATE: got a text message late Saturday night – someone had heard yet another rumor that there was a sniper shooting at people on 10th Avenue South here in Great Falls. Amazing how rumors start and spread.



  1. so my sister is taking the train back to tacoma and txted me to find out about this because the train had just left glasgow before it shut the town down. And then I was telling the hubby about it and he said one of his drivers said it was at applebee’s.. Which it wasnt. Word travels fast in this state. Scary though. I double locked my doors tonight

  2. I was getting calls all Saturday night about the shootings at Applebees and Benefis. Amazing how people run with hearsay.

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