Farewell Zandy’s

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I don’t break out the “bleep” very often here at Greater Falls, but this is warranted: some POS f***king burglars have caused Zandy’s to close their doors earlier than scheduled. Earlier reports that it would remain open until the end of the month were, sadly, not true, because of these #%*@%&! burglars.

The plan was to keep the drive-in, which opened in the mid-1960s, up and running for a couple of more weeks to give the employees a chance to find other jobs. But on Sunday, Zandy’s was broken into. A safe and some cash were stolen, the office ransacked and some damage done to the restaurant, Timboe said. It would have taken too many resources to get the restaurant ready to open again, so Timboe decided instead to close it for good.

Zandy's in Great Falls closes
Damn. I’m sure we weren’t the only ones planning on at least one more outing to enjoy some burgers, fries, and shakes, but now, thanks to these criminal idiots, we won’t even get that.



  1. I have no patience or sympathy for people that do stuff like that. They are a waste of mine and everyone’s oxygen, and should be dealt with accordingly.

  2. I was about to “bleep” back at you and then I realized you said POS burglars, not burgers 🙂 Burgers are on my mind. This is truly a shame that a couple low-lifes with no respect for people or their property have forced Mr. Timboe to close his doors sooner than planned. I, too, was planning on a last couple Big Scots, but these a**holes ruined that pretty quick. It’s too bad we couldn’t give Todd the send-off he deserves. Thanks for the good service, food, and memories.

  3. Many years ago, my grandparents owned the Midway Market Grocery Store which was located in the building next to Zandy’s. Later it became the Knicker Biker. My grandparents lived upstairs of the grocery store. We cousins would sit on the stairs for hours watching all the high school students at Zandy’s. Lots of activity in the parking lot back in those days. Fond memories. Thanks Zandy’s.

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