Avoid PMS!

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At the intersection of Division and Smelter is a sign that reads: “Avoid PMS – Remember FMS!” FMS is Fleet Maintenance Service, and the ad shows a woman angry or upset about her car not working, apparently.

Avoid PMS - Remember FMS!

Um…is this really a reference to PMS as “pre-menstrual syndrome?” Or is there another meaning to the term “PMS” that I’m unaware of?



  1. While you are technically and medically correct, the term has come to mean just any B!tch!e woman…hence the large number of Tee shirts being PMS and some humourous reason to avoid the occupant or significant other of said Tee shirt…all of which seem to have some basis in fact, at lteast by my experience in life…

    Curtis in Italia! {!-{>

  2. If it works, I’m in!! I heard I have a friend about to get married and this would make the perfect wedding gift for him.

  3. I pass this sign every day, going to/from home. (and have actually thought about it!)

    Yes, they are playing off of the PMS (standard definition) and its spelling similarity to FMS. But I feel that its a stretch to relate the two, as well as a slam of sorts on the female condition.

    I think the FMS company should dream up better ways to advertise than exploit the negativity of PMS.

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