Park-n-Ponder Closing?

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Uh oh – some more troubling restaurant news: the folks at the Park-n-Ponder have announced via a MySpace bulletin that they are closing on Friday: “PARK AND PONDER IS CLOSING ON FRIDAY FOR GOOD. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING EVERYONE!!!”

I hope it’s not true, but with the recent loss of Tony Roma’s, Sedgie’s, Burger Master, and Cattin’s, I wouldn’t be surprised. If this is true, then fans of the Lobster Bisque only have one more Friday to enjoy it. UPDATE: confirmed.

And there’s another rumor floating around that another classic will be closed soon – a certain burger joint on Central Avenue. Anyone able to confirm or deny?



  1. Definitely sad news about the Park-n-Ponder — my wife and I enjoyed eating there quite a bit!

    What restaurant is rumored to be closing? Zandy’s or Ford’s? Either would be a big bummer to us!

    And I wouldn’t say Tony Roma’s is a loss — more of a change, right? Isn’t On the Border going in there?

  2. Park and Ponder’s closing will be a blow to the area, and to Gibson Park. It has always served good food, and has helped make the park a destination for people throughout the city. I know that the family that owns it has had some problems lately; I wish them well.

    Zandy’s is a Great Falls institution that I will be very sorry to see go. Several years ago, the new owners tried for an expansion and briefly operated a second restaurant at the Exxon station at Fox Farm. Back when their burgers were 25¢, our high school swimming team used to stop there after practice; everyone would spend $2 and replace all the calories lost during Coach McKinnon’s drills!

  3. Very sad news as the PnP was a decent lunch stop. Chain restaurants serve up the same old Sysco Soylent Green, but I guess this is what people want. Salt & corn syrup laced slop.

    Nothing beats home cooking, at least in this town.

  4. Zandy’s current owner has been contemplating a closure but So far he continues to keep it open.
    The best way to “save” local business is to support those businesses! You can spend $2.50 at Zandy’s & get a nice lunch or snack! Grab a bog-o-burgers for like $5! (can’t recall the exact price)

    Don’t sit by and watch them close! Support local business!

  5. IF this is true, this totally sucks! The breakfasts (esp. fritatas) were fantastic–and just such a great setting. I would take friends and family from out of town there and they really enjoyed the atmosphere and the old world setting of the pond and geese (occasionally ice skaters as well). Say it ain’t so Joe!

  6. In light of some of these great restaurants rumored to be closing, a friend of mine told me they ate at a new place downtown Great Falls: TACO DEL SOL. I haven’t ate there yet, but he said it was excellent–burritos the size of Nerf footballs and out of this world fish tacos–and cheap too. He talked to the owner and he said it was a small franchise out of Missoula and only in Montana so far. Has anyone eatern there yet?? I guess it’s up the street from Public Drug (off of Central).

  7. Sorry to say that it is true we will be closing on Sunday of the week. I am in the process of trying to find a new restaurant maybe of my own, so I can still serve some of the same menu items and lobster bisque. I tried to get a lease from Park and rec, but the denied me. So, hope to see you all this last week, and maybe I can start in a new place soon.

  8. just to follow up–we did try Taco del Sol last nite and it was excellent. Cool environment as well–it didn’t look like a franchise, but looked like it fit perfectly downtown. Staff was very friendly…and GENEROUS with their portions in the burrito. This might make up for the loss of P&P at Gibson. I hope they survive in downtown GF.

  9. Taco del Sol is a Missoula, locally owned, favorite that is incredibly popular. I’m so excited that one opened here. I hope people here like it as much as Missoula and everyone should give it a try. You won’t be disappointed

  10. I’m very sorry to read about the Park and Ponder. My husband and kids loved to go there every time we get back home to visit my parents. The food was great and they sold the ‘duck food’ which the kids adored having bags of to feed the water birds on the pond. Last August we were able to take my parents there for dinner which was super and then there was a concert in the band shell afterwards (and more duck feeding of course).

    And now Zandy’s is gone. The old ways are passing….

  11. Lobster Bisque, and the loyal park and ponder crew will be back soon in a new location!!!!!! Hope to see you all soon!!!!
    Fred VanMaanen

  12. Just in hopes that someone knows how I can get in contact with Andy – he was either owner or part owner of this place. Please if anyone knows – please give him my email [email protected] thank you.

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