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One of our own – Alan here in Great Falls – sent me the following e-mail. It explains that his 7-year old granddaughter suffered severe burns at her home in Havre last week, and she is currently in the hospital getting treatment in Utah. I asked him if it was OK for me to post it, and he said OK. If you would like to help out with encouragement or a small donation, please do so.

Here is an update on my granddaughter, 7-year-old Heaven, who was severely burned Dec. 29 while trying to extinguish a large candle that was burning in her home at Havre, Montana.

At the Burn Unit of the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City, Heaven underwent debridement Dec. 31, which is removal of dead skin or damaged or infected tissue to improve the healing potential of the remaining healthy tissue. She also underwent hydrotherapy and therapy to force her to move her left arm which she wouldn’t move on her own due to the pain.

Heaven underwent 3 hours of surgery today January 2, for her skin grafts. They took skin from around both thighs to fix her chest and her right hand. They also inserted a feeding tube to be able to supplement her with critical nutrients and proteins. In addition to the feeding tube, another tube for medication was also surgically implanted to have direct access to her blood vessels close to the heart. Right now she is still running a fever and is in a lot of pain, but they are keeping her pretty well sedated for the pain. When she wakes up she moves her legs, and they don’t want her to move them yet.

The doctors project that Heaven and her mother, Adrienne Lee Love, will remain at the burn center at least until the end of January, and possibly into mid February. If you would care to send cards or words of encouragement, they may be addressed as follows:

University of Utah Hospital
50 North Medical Drive
Attn: Burn Unit – Heaven Love
Salt Lake City, UT 84132

Adrienne is a single mom with 3 other children at home, and will have no income throughout this ordeal. Some have expressed an interest in donating to help out with all the expenses. Should you want to donate I have set up a Benefit account :

Russell Country Federal Credit Union
Benefit for Heaven Love
PO Box 2605
Great Falls, MT 59403

Thank you for your prayers and concern.
Alan Herrig

If you can help – with encouragement, gifts, or perhaps a donation – please do.


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