2008 Highlights

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What a year here at Greater Falls! Thanks, everyone, for visiting, leaving comments, and making this so fun. Geese and snow (duh), UFOs, restaurants, media, local business, and even some (gasp!) sports made the front page – let’s take a look back at some of the highlights of 2008:

January: we started the year, blog-wise, on December 31 with a mystery – UFOs in Great Falls? Turns out it was a clever viral marketing campaign for the Great Falls Voyagers. It was a lot of fun trying to figure it out!

the Great Falls Explorers shot a brick. On a more positive note, Danny Lopez got some great press for his Johnny Depp impersonations.

March: the now-defunct Health Food Cafe in downtown Great Falls stirred up some controversy with a “pin-up” girl logo. And there were some great comments in the “Moving To Great Falls” entry.

it just wouldn’t be Greater Falls without geese! Also: a Retro entry featuring the Jack Club.

May: Greater Falls celebrates a birthday! And Great Falls got a shout-out from Conan O’Brien, even though the real story was in Opheim.

June: What could be better than snow in June? And June featured a record number of comments – due to the sad passing of Joshua, beloved mascot of the Triple Crown Motor Inn.

A roundup of great local eateries to get breakfast, and an update on the Unsinkable Molly B (the “B” is for bovine!).

August: the awesome Manly Man Candle Company got a plug from Greater Falls – and was in turn picked up by KRTV and then CNN. And another gratuitous goose pic!

September: the First Snow contest was fun, even as there was a tiny dusting of snow nearby. And a Sip-n-Dip entry, which is always a good thing.

October: the new Prospector restaurant opened for business – but the food is overshadowed by the decor. Great Falls got the first REAL snow of the season – hooray!

some retro pix of a Great Falls’ 75th birthday celebration, and the official vehicle of Greater Falls is revealed!

December: a celebration of Howard’s Pizza AND Taco Treat! The December snow started – and then it got a little chilly! And Great Falls got some new radio stations, too.

So there you have it – just a few of the things that made 2008 unique. Hope you enjoyed it – see you in 2009 – and thanks for being part of Greater Falls!


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