Burger Master Farewell

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Heard that the Burger Master on 10th Avenue South is going to be torn down tomorrow (Wed). Sad. But in its place, we will have a shiny-new Sonic Drive-In. Sonic is OK – not great, but worth having.

Click here to see our farewell to Burger Master; we waited in line for one hour and twenty-six minutes on the day before it closed, and it was worth it!

Burger Master in Great Falls closes

A co-worker mentioned today that the too-cool Burger Master ramp was one of the informal “tests” that new teen drivers had to learn to navigate upon being granted their licenses!



  1. Abigail with the gravy pipe on

    It closed in July but they’re waiting until it’s snowing to tear down the building?

    I re-read parts of your original story. One part caught my eye that somehow escaped my snark net last time: a man and his baby waited in the drive-thru line while his wife ran over to get snacks at Taco Treat.

    I do loves me some junk food, but I don’t know if I need to be sustained with tacos while I wait to buy my burgers.
    Just saying.

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