Tennis, Anyone?

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Great Falls is not the best place to live if you enjoy playing tennis year-round, as evidenced by this fellow who discovered tennis courts at the ExpoPark fairgrounds:

I eyed the cows in the pens and they eyed me. At the other end of the building, I could make out the old white lines of a tennis court – one baseline was right by a metal garage door, one sideline right next to a wall, and the ceiling was only about 11 feet high, about half a lob. This meant you couldn’t get back for deep balls on one end, you couldn’t get past the sideline near the wall, you couldn’t lob, and if you hit a ball wide on the other side, it would end up among the cows, moooooo/adios.



  1. I think the writer worked here for a while as an acupuncturist.I also think the ‘fellow’ was a she. The name sure sounds familiar.

  2. Abigail with the gravy pipe on

    Okay, the jig is UP! Who is this imposter, posting as Dave?
    This is from a link to a story at a site with “MLB” “NBA” “NFL” “NHL” and “FANTASY” at the top of the page.

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