Social, Syd, Santa, & Such

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Shameless semi-self-promotion: KRTV has launched “Community Pages,” which is a social-networking section that lets you upload and share pictures and videos, create a blog, chat with other users, and other nifty stuff. Go ahead and sign up – you’ll probably see a few familiar faces 🙂

There’s some great pictures of the winter storm that hit Montana (including cow pix!), and a few users have uploaded some great scenery pix from around the state, too.

Also: remember Syd George was competing for a trip to the Super Bowl? She won and will soon be Florida-bound!

And if you’re wondering what the kids are hoping to see under the tree tomorrow, the Trib has a neat “Christmas Wishes” gallery – features pictures of kids at Holiday Village Mall telling Santa what they want.

Also at the Trib: the story about the house fire yesterday features one commenter who equates Fire Marshal Bennyhoff with some sort of Russian dictator, simply because he advised people to be cautious and sensible.


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  1. LOL, I’m watching KRTV’s noon news, and I’m wondering what’s up with the person who adds the captions to the screen shots?

    What is “trickey” travel? Is that even trickier than “tricky”?

    What is a violin “donater”? I thought someone who donates something is a “donor” lol.

    I guess I need to learn how to speak typonese.

    Thanks for the smiles on Christmas Eve!

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