Happy Winter!

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Very early this morning – in fact, must a couple of hours after I snapped the -31 picture below – it officially became Winter! Happy Winter, everyone!

And the KRTV Christmas party last night was awesome – it was held at the Grand Union Hotel in Fort Benton, and it was perfect. Atmosphere, decor, food, service – all incredible. We sat with Fred and his lovely wife Vi, and Brian Morger stopped by, too – he gave us a sneak peek at one of his new pieces of art! I love Brian’s work, and it was cool to meet him.

Brian Morger Art

And the main street in Fort Benton, with holiday lights and piles of snow and sub-zero temps and Christmas decorations, was absolutely magical. A perfect evening, capped with a surprise that some of you may know about.



  1. David, David, David—-Congratulations!!!! You are such a romantic…… I actually had you pegged for an airplane with a large banner as your approach…..but your way was better. Am sending a big hug your way.
    Make her happy or else………………………

  2. Abigail with the gravy pipe on

    Indeed, that was very romantic! Far better than the last one I heard about, which was nervously blurted out in front of the bathroom. She was not pleased. (Ms. Pilarovich)

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