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Remember: Choteau is a small town along the Rocky Mountain Front. Chouteau is a county north and east of Great Falls. Notice the difference in the spellings. And no, Choteau the town is not located in Chouteau the county. Hey, don’t blame me – I didn’t come up with the names, the spellings, or the locations.



  1. But they are pronounced the same despite the spelling difference?

    I can relate to this confusion. Here in Iowa, our capital city of Des Moines in the center of the state is not in Des Moines County, which is actually way over on the banks of the Mississippi.

  2. Actually, it’s a Montana tradition to have towns be in different counties than those of the same name:

    Fallon is in Dawson County, not Fallon County
    Custer is in Yellowstone County, not Custer County
    Deer Lodge is in Powell County, not Deer Lodge County
    Missoula is in Missoula County … must’ve been a moment of carelessness 😉

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