Restaurant Update

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Sedgies closes,Pine Grill coming Some Great Falls restaurant stuff: first, did you know that Sedgie’s is closing? That downtown location just can’t seem to catch fire. When I arrived here in 2002, it was a relatively upscale Italian eatery called Portofino’s; ate there a few times, enjoyed it. Then it became Rio Rancho; ate breakfast there once, loved the decor – it seemed like a good restaurant and I thought it would do OK. Didn’t last very long. And then it became Sedgie’s last summer; never ate there, but glanced at the menu – meh. And in February, it will become the Pine Grill. I’d like to say that I’m optimistic…but the track record of the location gives me pause.

And some people (those who don’t read Greater Falls every day – for shame!) still don’t know that Tony Roma’s will shut down at the end of December. If you’ve got hankering for some ribs – or my favorite, the Cheesy Burger – better hurry.

And finally, a question from a reader who left a comment on the Restaurant Rumors entry:

Where can a guy get a good hot dog in great falls. I just moved here and cant seem to find a place that sells good hot dogs.

I leave it the smartest people in Great Falls to supply some answers.



  1. I agree the hot dog vendor on 4th st N between central and 1st ave is the best one in town. And it’s a pretty good deal too.

  2. That’s too bad, I loved Sedgie’s. Portofino was great as well. It’s a tough location, they get a decent lunch crowd, but there’s not a compelling reason to go downtown in the evening, or on weekends for that matter. Sad.

  3. Yah, I don’t know what it is about that location. Bert and Ernie’s seems to do just fine being down town. And 5th Street Diner does well, too, right?

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