How Cold?

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Lesson from Saturday: if the temperatures are below zero, and the wind chill factor is clocking in at about -25, do not – repeat, DO NOT – attempt to pump gas without gloves. It hurts. For the five or seven seconds that my fingers were touching the metallic handle, it felt like fire down to the bone. How come I didn’t know that lesson until today?

And re: the cold. Um…yeah. Seriously cold. Dangerous cold. Possibly even scary cold. Around 10:00 pm on Saturday, it was about -18 and still snowing, albeit lightly, with winds not nearly as strong as earlier today. Roads are pretty bad, but manageable if you’re slow and steady.

This is the kind of cold that makes you think: DAMN but this is cold! No way could it possibly get colder than this.

Until you see this:

wind chill of -55?!

Highs 15 below zero to 25 below zero. Lows 30 below zero to 35 below zero. Wind chill readings 45 below to 55 below zero. Yowsah.

Check out the wind chill chart, and heed the warnings.


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  1. > do not – repeat, DO NOT – attempt to pump gas without gloves

    I learned this my first week in Montana…

    (now living in warmer (less snowy ;-( climes)


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